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Best Data Rooms for Sales and Marketing Teams

Digital technology is becoming more and more an integral part of our lives every day. Business and production are no exception – more and more companies use different programs and applications to automate work processes and track results. Digital products have become especially popular in retail and marketing. Let’s compare best data room vendors to find out which options are the best on the market today.

What Data Rooms are Necessary for Sales and Marketing Teams: A Review of the Best Choices

There are many noteworthy software options on today’s market for companies with various specifics of work. But even among this multitude, you can find the best options that can not only simplify your team’s activity but also bring it to a new level.


The interface of the virtual platform is more focused on work and document storage. With its help, it is possible to optimize work with financial documents and set up automatic data collection, and communication with clients. Users also have the ability to maintain an electronic address book, automate the distribution of e-mails, and develop a promotion strategy. Virtual Data Room synchronizes with other popular programs and does not require much time to install and learn the functionality.


This data room contains all the necessary working tools for sales and marketing. Using the platform options, you can track performance, make forecasts for different periods, and visualize data in the form of tables and charts. In addition, the data room makes it possible to keep an address book and automate the process of communication with customers. The advantages of a virtual data room are also its convenience in work and adaptability to the needs of teams of different sizes.


Virtual Data Room is suitable for bookkeeping and tracking sales figures. The platform synchronizes with other programs and applications for a more efficient workflow. Data room tools give you the ability to keep financial records and store them securely in remote file storage. In addition, software options are suitable for scheduling and work plans with the ability to automatically track work results.


The developers position their product as a universal option for businesses with different scales of activity and specifics. Its functionality can also be adapted to commercial activities. First of all the platform’s tools can be used for accounting and financial documentation, performance tracking, meetings, and discussions on various issues. Automation options also allow you to track workflow in real-time and visualize data.

Google Drive

This is not only one of the best data rooms for deal makers but also a useful tool for teams who specialize in content creation. The platform’s tools make it possible to create different presentations, text, and other visual materials, as well as to maintain communication even when working remotely. The platform works equally well online and offline, and all materials and changes are synchronized automatically. Platform tools can be used to maintain financial and other documents, as well as to organize their secure storage.