virtual board room

How Does Virtual Board Room Software Affect Your Business

Today businesses need a comfortable and adaptive working environment for the client, which will allow you to quickly and efficiently make important business decisions without being tied to a specific place, time, and device. In this article, we will consider the functionality of the virtual board room and its benefits for corporate efficient management.

What is a board portal?

The rapid development of communication technologies is currently transforming many processes in modern society. The business sector is no exception. The Internet, as the most accessible and convenient system for the global exchange of information between users, has not only proved its viability, but is also beginning to replace other methods and channels of communication, which is due to lower cost of services, high data transfer speed, and a wider range of presented and transmitted information.

In these conditions, modern corporate governance requires new approaches to its management. For this purpose, companies use board portals. It is a platform for creating, preparing, and holding effective meetings of all types of collegiate management bodies that exist in the company: a board of directors, a committee, a project or working group, etc. The system can be installed on the customer’s hardware and integrated with the company’s internal corporate information system or provided as a “cloud” service.

Virtual board room enables all digital tools for effective online meetings:

  • Possibility of remote participation in meetings from the iPad (video and audio) ;
  • Simultaneous presentation of the report on the iPad of meeting participants;
  • Automatic generation of minutes;
  • A simple mechanism for tracking schedule breaks and estimating the end time of the meeting;
  • Quick access to the history of questions;
  • Possibility to exchange views on issues during the report;
  • Quick access to the history of all meetings.

What is the virtual boardroom user guide?

There is a user guide on how to organize an online meeting with the help of the board portal solution:

  • Preparation of materials in electronic form. The term for coordinating materials for the meeting is reduced. The process of transferring materials to the secretary is simplified.
  • Formation of the agenda. The text of the agenda is formed by the system automatically based on the list of issues prepared by the secretary. The text of the agenda is available to all participants of the meeting already in the process of being formed. The secretary can additionally send by e-mail directly from the session with the system to all future participants of the meeting the text of the agenda for preliminary familiarization.
  • The course of the meeting. A member of the collegial body participates in the meeting online. Materials for the meeting in electronic form are available to all participants, wherever they are.
  • Decision-making “on the fly”. Decisions on specific issues can be made “in working order”, that is, by written questioning, without the need to meet in a meeting. Members of the collegiate body vote directly from their workplace.
  • Protocol formation. The electronic minutes of the meeting are generated automatically by the System based on the list of questions, the texts of minutes, and a specialized template that is available for each collegial body.
  • Issuance and control of orders. The system allows you to issue orders and control their execution. To do this, you can use built-in services or integrate with an external electronic document management system.
  • Electronic archive of meetings. The materials of the meeting are placed in an electronic archive and are available at any time to all participants in the meeting.