How to conduct board meeting by videoconferencing

How to conduct board meeting by videoconferencing

The main component of successful negotiations or productive business meetings is the right venue for the event. Therefore, modern executives move their business processes into virtual boardrooms to increase efficiency and security. So, how to organize a board meeting in board software?

Board software: professional meeting organization

Previously, the most popular way to organize meetings electronically was to use standard mail service tools and electronic document management systems. However, the combination of solutions of these classes of systems was only enough to notify the participants about the meeting and agree on the materials for it. Even in the recent past, this was enough. Still, with the penetration of new technologies, electronic signatures, electronic documents, and other things, critical questions began to arise when working at the following stages of organizing a meeting. By the way, the voting process is a vital meeting stage, which cannot be done in the mail and document management software. These solutions, in principle, do not have the corresponding functionality. At this stage, the process that was somehow built before is torn apart since voting will have to be done on a paper ballot and handed over to the secretary with a certified scan or original document. Therefore, special board management software was invented.

How to organize a board meeting by videoconferencing?

Organizing a meeting of the head can be challenging: you need to consider many factors that can affect the successful outcome of the meeting. Regardless of the nature of the board meeting, it is worth considering several recommendations that will make the process the most productive, comfortable and transient. They are as follows:

  • The agenda must be prepared in advance, and all meeting participants must receive a mailing list with this document; otherwise, you must bring the meeting up to date and waste valuable time.
  • During the board meeting, you should not deviate from the assigned topic; otherwise, you will have to go beyond the scheduled time.
  • When drawing up the agenda, it is better to be guided by the “less is more” principle. Moving away from secondary topics and highlighting only those fundamentally important for your work here and now is worth it.
  • It is better to choose cloud-based board portal software to organize board meeting by videoconferencing automatically.
  • 2-3 days before the meeting, it is necessary to send documents on the agenda, tasks, and issues to be solved to all meeting participants. It can be done by corporate mail.
  • All participants in the meeting must speak strictly in turn, within a strictly limited time frame, without interrupting or interrupting each other.
  • The meeting should be held from the most complex to the simplest, rightly believing that employees will not have the strength and desire to solve complex problems by the end of the meeting.
  • According to business etiquette, the meeting should end with an expression of gratitude to all participants and those who helped organize the conference.

While many SaaS platforms are designed to improve efficiency, workflow fragmentation often leads to performance degradation. Employees spend more time searching for and summarizing information than doing work. Thus, the board software should fit well with your already-established technologies and integrate well with other applications.